App-Connect - Volkswagen Beetle

Activating Volkswagen Beetle App-Connect Package Included: - Apple Carplay - Android Auto - Mirrorlink
Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN
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In Volkswagen Beetle brand vehicles, when you enter the "App-Connect" menu, "You can activate the function with the help of an activation code. Please contact your authorized dealer" text appears on the screen. It means that vehicles showing this warning have App-Connect support. Almost all of these devices are activated with the original SwaP method without disassembling the unit with software, without installing any apparatus or without performing operations that will damage the vehicle such as chassis deceiving. It does not go with service updates and will not leave your vehicle out of warranty. Note: You cannot mirror apps that will jeopardize your ride, such as YouTube, Netlix and Video streaming via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You need to take action on your phone to reflect. No software or application is installed on phones in our business. We only do App-Connect Activation.