E-Sys - Flashing ECU
Disclaimer: All content in this document is to be seen as guidelines. No one but yourself can take responsibility if you break something as a consequence of following this guide. The author can in NO WAY eheld liable or responsible if you mess up something / anything. Remember always to create a backups before starting an endeavour like this!
BMW - Mini HuEntryNav2 Apple CarPlay Activation
Your car should have: HuEntryNav2 ATM Module Wlan Port and Antenna I Step 18.03 and above
BMW E-Sys Installation Guide
BMW Coding Software E-Sys - Installation Guide Run "\\E-sys 3.18.4\E-Sys_Setup.exe" to install program to "C:\EC- Apps\ESG\E-Sys\E-Sys.exe" (Install Password is "lo8F3lsVVg" if prompted)
BMW Road Maps [2022] Download - Latest 2022 Maps - BMW Navi Update Downloads
I recommend downloading it with a program such as Internet Download Manager. Here are the download links:
M Performance Alcantara Steering Wheel with Race Display Retrofit
This retrofit guide for BMW M5 Saloon (F10M) and BMW M6 Grand Coupé/Convertible/Coupé (F06M/F12M/F13M) Retrofit kit number 32 30 2 344 136 M Performance steering wheel with Race Display
Activate Passat B8 Hidden Features - Volkswagen Passat B8 VCDS - OBDEleven Tweaks
Hello. In this article, I prepared the hidden feature unlock codes for Volkswagen Passat B8, which was produced between 2014 and 2023, with devices such as OBDEleven - VCDS. Be careful, you may damage your vehicle. If you're coding with OBDEleven, do a full backup. If you are doing it with VCDS, do not make any changes without AutoScan. This hidden feature coding process also applies to all other MQB-based cars.
Activate Sign Assist for MQB Cars / VW Golf 7 - Passat B8 - Octavia - Superb -Leon - Tiguan etc.
Sign Assist is always offered in combination with a navigation system as the traffic signs are also indicated on the display of the active navigation system (map and/or pictograms).
Skoda Octavia MK4 (A8) - VCDS & OBDEleven Coding Cheat Sheet - Tried and Tested
Hello everyone. I share with you the coding and adaptations that I have tried and managed to work for Skoda Octavia. You will learn some hidden features that you can unlock for Skoda Octavia A8 and how to unlock them. Don't forget to take a full backup via OBDEleven before you start. There is a possibility that you may damage your car. It will be much easier to restore it when you take a backup. Everything is your responsibility and all risk is yours.
Activate Traffic Jam Assist (TJA) for Audi MLBEvo (Coding Guide)

Description of the Audi Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)

Traffic jam assist is a subsystem of adaptive cruise control (ACC) or adaptive cruise assist (ACA). In vehicles with an automatic transmission, traffic jam assist can assume certain steering tasks over a speed range up to 65 km/h (40.4 mph) on roads that are in good condition, as long as the traffic is moving slowly. The system uses the radar sensors and the front camera. It guides the car by making gentle steering movements within system limits and orients itself to lane markings, roadside structures and other vehicles on the road. When traffic jam assist reaches its system limits – such as when the traffic thins out or there is a sharp curve ahead – the driver must assume driving tasks again. If the driver does not, the system warns the driver in several stages. As a final measure, it autonomously brings the car to a safe stop.

This coding guide applies to cars built on the MLBEvo platform. If your car is not in the list below, do not code.

  • MLB Evo Audi Q7 (Typ 4M) 2015–present
  • Bentley Bentayga (Typ 4V) 2015–present
  • Audi A4 (Typ 8W) 2016–present
  • Audi A5 (Typ 8W6) 2016–present
  • Audi Q5 (Typ 80A) 2017–present
  • Audi A7 (Typ 4K8) 2017–present
  • Audi A8 (Typ 4N) 2017–present
  • Audi A6 (Typ 4K) 2018–present
  • Audi Q8 (Typ 4MN) 2018–present
  • Volkswagen Touareg (Typ CR) 2018–present
  • Audi e-tron (Typ GE) 2018–present
  • Lamborghini Urus 2018–present
  • Porsche Cayenne (third generation) (Type 9YA), 2018–present


  • MLBEvo Car (Check out the list above)
  • VCDS, OBDEleven or VCP
  • Front Sensor (A5) Module
  • Coffee for you to relax after coding (Faults that will appear in the information system may stress you out :)

Activate Traffic Jam Assist for Audi

1- Select Control Module "A5 - Front Sensor" Enter security access: "19249"

Long Coding:

  • Byte 16 - Bit 5

2- Select Control Module "13 - Auto Distance Regulation" Enter security access: "19249" or "40168"

Long Coding:

  • Byte 1: Bit 3 and Bit 4
  • Byte 2: Bit 0, Bit 1, Bit 2 and Bit 4
  • Byte 3: Bit 5
  • Byte 4: Bit 2 and Bit 7
  • Byte 6: Bit 3

3- Select Control Module "5F - Informatation Elec."


  • Vehicle function list BAP 2nd generation: expansion-front_traffic_assist_0x41 - Set to "Active"
  • Vehicle function list BAP 2nd generation: expansion-front_traffic_assist_0x41_msg_bus - Set to "Terminal 15"


Activate Adaptive Lane Assist for Skoda Superb up to MY 2019 (Coding Guide)

Description of the Skoda Superb Adaptive Lane Assist:

Lane Assist can tell when you stray from a lane unintentionally. This system works in conjunction with a camera to recognise lane markings on the road, including yellow lines during roadworks, traffic cones, and other roadside or lane borders.

Activate Lane Assist

Let's code


  • VCDS or OBDEleven
  • Control module "A5 Front Sensor"
  • Control module "13 Auto Distance Regulator"

Before you start, open the hood. Otherwise, the change you made in the codings will be rejected.

1- Select Control Module "17 - Instruments"

Long Coding:

  • Byte 4 - Bit 6
  • Byte 11 - Bit 1

2- Select Control Module "A5 - Front Sensor" - Security Access: "20103"

Long Coding:

  • Byte 05 = Bit 6 ("ACC coded")
  • Byte 08 = Bit 5-7 "A0 Point_of_Intervention,late_setting_over_menu"
  • Byte 09 = Bit 0-1 "03 Configuration_for_lane_departure_warning_kl15,Last_setting"
  • Byte 09 = Bit 2-3 "0C Lane_Assist_system_mode,Selection_over_menu"
  • Byte 09 = Bit 7 ("HC coded")
  • Byte 17 = Bit 0 ("HC_messages coded")
  • Byte 17 = Bit 1-3 "02 Warning_intensity,Menu"
  • Byte 17 = Bit 5-7 "20 HC_Variante_1"


  • HCA_On_State = "Menu"
  • HCA_Warning_Intensity = "Menu"
  • BAP Personalization = "Not Activated"
  • Point_of_Intervention(if available) = "Late"

3- Select Control Module "44 - Steering Assist" - Enter security access: "19249"

Long Coding:

  • Byte 0 = Bit 4

4- Select Control Module "5F -Information Electr"


  • Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2>menu_display_Lane_De parture_Warning = Set Value to “Activated”  
  • Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2>menu_display_Lane_De parture_Warning_over_threshold_high = Set Value to “Activated” 
  • Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2>LDW_HCA_0x19> Set Value to “Activated” 
  • Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2-LDW_HCA_0x19_msg_bus> Set Value to “Terminal 15” 

Yes, that's it. After the changes you will see the "Lane Assist" error in your dashboard. Lock car, wait 15-20 minutes. Get back in your car and start the engine. If you did it completely, the error should be gone. If the error is still there, check it again or revert it back. See you next guide...