Travel Assist Coding - Cupra Formentor and Seat Leon KL1/KL8

What is Travel Assist ?

Travel Assist blends the functions of Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist to ensure that your Volkswagen maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and keeps you centered in the lane. This system takes the stress out of tailbacks and stop-and-go traffic.



  • OBDEleven
  • The car must be equipped with Capacitive Steering Wheel. (Check out the photo below)

Travel Assist Coding

Step 1:

Control Module: A5-Frt Sens. Drv. Assist

Unlock SFD with OBDEleven

Long Coding:

Old Value: late
New Value: early_setting_over_menu

Old Value: Not coded
New Value: Ea variante 2

HC variante
Old Value: Hc_ variante_0
New Value: Hc_variante_2

Lane Assist off Text
Old Value: Enabled
New Value: Disabled

HC advanced takeover request
Old Value: Coded
New Value: Not Coded

Emergency Assist
Old Value: EA Variant 1
New Value: EA Variant 2


Step 2:

Control Module: 13-Auto Dist. Reg

Unlock SFD with OBDEleven

Old Value: Not Installed
New Value Value: Installed

Travel Assist
Old Value: Not Active
New Value Value: Active

Overtaking Right Prevention
Old Value: Active
New Value Value: Not Active

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