Hidden Features - Volkswagen Caddy 2K (2010 - 2020)

On this page you will find a list of hidden features on / off features / coding options / adaptations for the VW Caddy with body code 2K, manufactured between 2010-2020.
Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN



  1. Dial greeting (for vehicles after June 2012)
  2. Additional fuel feature (displays the fuel you need to buy in liters on the trip computer)
  3. Turning the daytime running light on and off from the trip computer
  4. Seat belt warning deactivation
  5. Multimedia system boot logo change (R-Line, Bluemotion etc – 2015 and later)
  6. Seeing the instantaneous speed and signal over your multimedia system with the driving school feature (only for RCD 310 units)
  7. The oil temperature is displayed on the information screen.


  1. American parks (not inspected)
  2. Setting fender signals as american park
  3. Setting the rear signals as American park (Does not pass inspection)
  4. Fogs with selector
  5. turn sensitive fog light
  6. Turning off daytime running lights when signaling
  7. Flashing of the rear parking lights when the signal is given (Does not pass the inspection)
  8. Flashing of the front daytime running lights when the signal is given (Does not pass the inspection – applies to 2014 and later)
  9. The front daytime running light also comes on when the dipped headlights or fog lights are on
  10. The rear tail lights are always on when the headlight lever is in the "0" or "Auto" position
  11. Turning on the Coming-Home feature in vehicles without a headlight sensor (It is activated once the flashlight is on when getting out of the vehicle)
  12. Turning the Coming-Home feature to automatic in vehicles with a headlight sensor (Normally, it is activated when the headlight flashes)
  13. Coming-home and Leaving-Home feature over parking and fog lights
  14. Flashing of brake lights and flashing of hazard warning lights in sudden brakes
  15. Front fog lights come on when you engage reverse gear at night
  16. Setting the number of comfort signals to 4 or 5
  17. Led license plate bulb introduction


  1. Door lock confirmation sound with horn
  2. Anti-theft alarm coding
  3. Automatic closing of windows and sunroof in the rain
  4. Folding the mirror from the remote control in vehicles with folding mirrors
  5. Automatic locking of the doors when your speed exceeds 15 km/h
  6. Unlocking the doors after stopping the vehicle and removing the key from the ignition


  1. Xds locked differential boost
  2. Commissioning the TSC system
  3. Hill start assist retrofit
  4. Deactivation of the complete stability control system on vehicles with ASR button (Normally it only disables anti-skid)